Zempire Pocket Rocket Shelter

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The Zempire Pocket Rocket Shelter is the perfect option for those seeking privacy while they shower or need the restroom.


The Zempire Pocket Rocket Shelter offers full head height at 2.3m, high enough and strong enough to have a shower without crouching. The silver coated fabric provides total privacy and the busy sign lets people know when occupied. The inside has a genorous amount of space inside and a 1.75m x 1.75m base giving plenty of room to stretch out while changing, having a shower or to go to the toilet in comfort.


The shelter is easy to set up and has many additional benefits including a toiletries holder, roof vent and internal shower curtain. This shelter makes it easy to camp comfortably with the privacy you need.


The luxurious Zempire Pocket Rocket Shelter is sure to enhance your camping experience with additional convenience, privacy and comfort.

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