Wallaroo Adventure Store now offers appointments so you can come in and see the gear and try it on before purchasing. You can always pop into store anytime and we will help you out, but sometimes we can get a little busy! This is why we have created bookable sessions. That way, you can guarantee you get to see/try on the gear you're after!

We currently offer the following sessions:

Tent Consultation: See the tent you are interested in purchasing set-up in front of you so you can not only get an idea of the size of the tent, but can also see how it is set up and packed away!

Sleep Gear Consultation: A consultation session about sleep systems (for camping or hiking). Discuss what you have currently, what you're looking for and what kind of trips you do, and our experienced staff will run you through the best sleep system options to suit your needs.

Pack Fit: Knowing the right harness size can be done by measuring your torso, but there are many more factors that go into the feel of a pack. Visit us in-store and we can get you into the right harness size and offer advice on which pack is right for you!

Boot fit: Getting the right shoe is extremely important, especially when carrying a heavy pack for long periods of time! Get an expert boot fit so you know which shoe is right for you!