Jetboil MiniMo Stove

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The Jetboil stove we all love now comes with simmer control, introducing the Jetboil MiniMo. A redesigned cooking pot and new regulator technology brings master cookery to the campsite.


The larger, shorter pot still houses the burner and a 100g gas cannister for transport, but is now easier to eat from with a lower spoon angle. An improved valve and regulator facilitates the best simmer control of any upright stove on the market, and maintains performance down to -6?C.


Fired-up at the push of a button, the MiniMo features a drink though lid and measuring cup that protects the pot base when in transit. The stabiliser is included and clipped into the lid for storage, and the burner comes with it's own velvet bag to protect the inside of your pot.


Made with hard anodised aluminium for lightweight performance, the Jetboil MiniMo has robust metal handles, an insulated cosy over the pot and is perfect for adventurers on fast and light missions anywhere in the world.

Please note: This stove does not include gas canister, it is pictured to give you an idea of the stove when in action!