Wombat Warning

Wombat Warning

Wombats may appear cute and cuddly, but nobody wants to wake up with a hole in their tent. Unfortunately, hungry wombats are notorious for tearing through them in the middle of the night. If you’re planning on camping within Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania or even Queensland, this advice will help you keep your tent intact!

While there can be plenty of wildlife around during the day, wombats are most active at dawn and dusk due to being nocturnal. Despite their fuzzy appearance, wombats have sharp claws that they can use to slash into any kind of tent. All they really want is your food, so here are some handy tips to avoid any uninvited guests.

The number one rule is not to leave food inside your tent at night. Wombats have an excellent sense of smell and can sniff out even the most well-hidden treats. Resist the temptation to use plastic containers, as even these won’t deter a wombat. Wombats have been seen to open and chew into bags, plastic containers and even coolers to get food. We recommend storing food in the car overnight to keep it safe from wombats!

It is also good to avoid eating in your tent in general. A warm tent makes food smell stronger, so any wombats nearby might think there’s food inside long after you’ve eaten. However, if you have to eat inside, make sure you clean up all of your scraps, crumbs and rubbish before the wombats do! You might think a little snack will go unnoticed, but I once had a wombat tear into my tent for an empty chip packet. Remember to check your pockets before falling asleep to make sure there’s nothing in there that will entice a hungry wombat.

Before you go camping, check if the campground you’re going to has a high wombat population. Quite a few popular camping spots such as Wilsons Promontory in Victoria are well known for their many wombats, which can also be very comfortable around people due to their frequent exposure. As a result, it’s not uncommon to have them wander right past you, or (in my experience) even under your camp chair!

Even though wombats may look harmless, their sense of smell is no joke, and there’s nothing funny about a torn-up tent. However, if you take care to follow the above advice by storing your food in the car instead of your tent, not eating inside your tent and following the campground instructions, you shouldn’t have a problem!

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