Sea to Summit Quest 2019

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The perfect feature-packed, value oriented synthetic bag for weekend warriors and new campers, our Quest? is no slouch when it comes to performance. Our unique WaveLoft? construction uses thick layers of insulation looped together to gain extra loft and trap pockets of warm air, providing increased warmth in colder conditions. The Quest? also features thicker insulation in the footbox, reducing the chance of cold feet interrupting your night?s sleep. The women?s specific tapered rectangular shape is wider at the hip and narrower at the shoulder, providing more space and comfort than a traditional mummy bag. The full-length right side zip allows the bag to be opened out and used as a quilt while a second zip slider in the footbox provides extra ventilation and versatile temperature adjustment. The baffle construction also eliminates the frustration of getting tangled in loose lining as all lining fabrics are attached to the shell fabric.